By administrator, Published on November 24, 2023

Malaysia Essential Travel Information

Country Information

Malaysia is home to one of the world’s oldest rainforests known as Taman Negara.

  1. The official language is Malay (Bahasa Malaysia), yet English is generally spoken, particularly in metropolitan areas and tourist destinations.
  2. Malaysia has heat and humidity with high dampness and temperatures. Pack lightweight and breathable attire. Be ready for downpours, as short storms are normal.
  3. Malaysian cuisine is assorted and tasty, with influences from different cultures. Try local dishes like nasi lemak, satay, laksa, and roti canai.
  4. Malaysia is a great place for shopping, offering a scope of items from top-notch brands to traditional handicrafts.
  5. Check regarding duty-free allowances for things you can bring into and out of the country. Certain things might have limitations.


*Malaysia Helpline Number – 1300883000