By administrator, Published on November 24, 2023

Rajasthan Essential Travel Information

Rajasthan is home to the Thar Desert, one of the biggest deserts in the world.

  1. A hot air balloon ride is viewed as the most effective way to explore the beauty of desert cities and old towns of Rajasthan
  2. If you are someone who appreciates trying food, Laal maas isn’t to be missed from Rajasthani cuisine.
  3. Camping in the sand dunes, particularly when these are Sam Sand Dunes, is the best thing about Rajasthan, to explore the magnificence of it.
  4. Very few know about the Kuchaman fort in the city of Kuchaman in the Nagaur district, which once served as a residence for poet-saint Meera Bai.
  5. Bhangarh Post is viewed as one of the most haunted spots in India.


*Rajasthan Helpline Number : 181