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Vietnam's 2 Nights 3 Days family package offers an immersive experience of its architecture and landscapes. Witness the lantern-lit streets of Hoi An and the gleaming skyscrapers of Ho Chi Minh City, which leave a lasting mark on tourists' hearts. Designed for those with limited time, the itinerary balances cultural exploration, historical sites, and a taste of Vietnam's natural beauty.  

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3 Days
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Ho Chi Minh City

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City Exploration

Upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, you'll be welcomed and moved to your comfortable accommodation.

Hop headfirst into the city's clamoring climate as you visit iconic landmarks like Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, Central Post Office, and the memorable Reunification Palace.

The night is yours to walk around the lively Ben Thanh Night Market, appreciating nearby treats and getting souvenirs.

*Travel Tip : Be familiar with the currency (Vietnamese Dong) and carry some amount. Though credit cards are accepted in metropolitan regions, it's good to have cash, especially in rural areas.

Day 2: Cu Chi Tunnels Adventure

After a delightful breakfast, set out on a trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels — a network of underground sections utilized during the Vietnam War.

Marvel at the inventiveness of these tunnels and gain an understanding of the country's wartime history. Return to the city in the early evening for a little while to the War Remnants Museum, where strong shows portray the battles and strength of the Vietnamese nation during the conflict.

*Distance from Cu Chi Tunnel to Mekong Delta : Approx. 70-80 kilometers
Travel Time : Approx. 1.5 to 2.5 hours

Day 3: Mekong Delta Discovery

Conclude your family experience with a road trip to the captivating Mekong Delta. Travel along the Mekong River, passing floating markets and traditional towns.

Experience the rhythm of neighborhood life as you explore the lavish plantations and test tropical fruits. A boat trip to the beautiful Unicorn Island allows a glimpse into traditional folk performances, making the day loaded with both cultural immersion and natural beauty.

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Totally! Vietnam is known for its warm accommodation and family-friendly environment. The nation offers different activities appropriate for all ages, from exploring bustling markets and historic sites to partaking in the serene excellence of nature in places like Ha Long Bay and the Mekong Delta.

Vietnam is for the most part a protected destination for families. Practice regular precautions, for example, staying away from hazardous regions, watching out for belongings, and following local guidance. Make sure that your family is up-to-date on vaccinations and take health precautions.

Indeed, most travelers to Vietnam require a visa. Nonetheless, residents of specific nations might be qualified for visa exceptions or visas on arrival. It's advised to check with the Vietnamese government office or consulate in your country. However, Indian passport holders are expected to get a visa to enter Vietnam, and there are various ways of acquiring one. You can apply for a Vietnam visa through the Vietnam e-visa system.

The best time to visit Vietnam is during the dry season, which regularly spans from November to April. Nonetheless, explicit atmospheric conditions can shift between the north and south regions.

Country Information

Weasel coffee, otherwise called Kopi Luwak or civet coffee in Indonesia and the Philippines, is the most expensive coffee in Vietnam.

Things to Note:

  1. While visiting temples and pagodas, it’s important to modestly dress. It is great to carry a scarf or a wrap to conceal.
  2. Be careful about touts who urge guests to utilize specific tour offices, lodgings, shops, and transport companies.
  3. Try not to move to bomb pits and never get near old explosive devices.
  4. Assuming there is one thing you want to be aware of prior to visiting Vietnam it’s that you can’t drink the tap water.
  5. Ensure you affirm the check-in time hours and protocols of your hostels or hotels to try not to get locked out.

*Vietnam Emergency Number – 112